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How Voter ID Makes It Easy to Vote -- And Hard to Cheat

Last week, a majority of legislators on the Senate State Agencies committee passed a voter ID bill for the first time in Arkansas history. SB 2, sponsored by Sen. Bryan King, would require voters at the polling place either to present an identification document or to cast a provisional ballot; it also provides that the very small percentage of voters who cannot afford to pay for an ID can obtain one for free. The bill, in addition to extinguishing in-person voter impersonation, would stop double-voting by dual-state registrants, voting by illegal aliens, and voting under fictitious registrations: this policy makes it easy to vote, but hard to cheat. Voter ID is a common-sense reform to stop vote fraud that is supported by large majorities of Americans, but opponents of voter ID continue to oppose this policy with defective arguments.

Nonetheless, the opponents of voter ID continue to provide flawed legal arguments, groundless statistics, and manufactured facts. The Institute's latest paper, "Arguments Against Voter ID: An Autopsy," is a sure cure for their misinformation.

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