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Arkansas's Freedom Scorecard

Today, we release Arkansas’s Freedom Scorecard. The Scorecard provides numerical ratings to each Arkansas legislator in the 88th General Assembly based on votes in six categories: economic freedom, education reform, good government, personal liberty, small government, and tax/budget policy.

The Scorecard also designates approximately the top quarter of legislators in both chambers, as measured by their overall score, as “Friends of Freedom.” We congratulate Rep. Duncan Baird and Rep. Charlie Collins, who tied for the top score in House, as well as Sen. Gilbert Baker, the top scorer in the Senate. (The scores in the two different chambers are not meaningfully comparable against one another.)

The report is not an effort to endorse or condemn any legislator, but to show the public how legislators voted on the values that the Institute seeks to advance. Our ratings demonstrate how the voting records of some legislators advanced freedom and good government, while the votes of others stood in the way of writing those values into law.

The guide does not attempt to label any legislative outcome as “good” or “bad,” but simply measures how well each legislator's voting record reflects the values of free markets, lower taxes, individual responsibility, and limited, transparent, and efficient government. Each reader of the report can decide how important these values are for himself or herself.

To see who's a "Friend of Freedom"; to compare several legislators against each other; to see how your legislator did; or to read information about individual voting records, see the full report here.


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