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This Week From AAI


Strategic Amnesia, Domestic Drones, & Terrible TSA Truth

The Arkansas Project

Did Arkansas State Representative Hank Wilkins' wife commit two felonies while twice violating the state's anti-nepotism law--that her husband sponsored? And the charges against Arkansas Surgeon General Joe Thompson have been dropped. Read how one citizen's concern for justice altered the course of Arkansas' political history.  These stories, and much more, are featured at The Arkansas Project.


Defending Tax Cuts for the 'Rich'

Democrats have been having a field day with the cry of "tax cuts for the rich" - for which Republicans seem to have no reply. This is especially surprising, because Democrats made the same arguments back in the 1920s, and the Republicans then not only had a reply, but one that eventually carried the day, when the top tax rate was brought down from 73 percent to 24 percent. What was the difference then? Thomas Sowell explains at NRO.


The Strategic Amnesia of Campaign 2012

Our media culture and campaign-coverage environment somehow manage to feel repetitive and yet riddled with attention-deficit disorder simultaneously. Jim Geraghty explains at NRO.


Bubbles, Malinvestment, and Higher Education

Many commentators are asking whether the next big bubble to burst will be the debt associated with the rising cost of higher education.  College costs have strongly outpaced the inflation rate, and the debt students are racking up is crippling.  The reasons behind this trend are significant and diverse, says Steven Horwitz at The Freeman.



Besides getting both government and private institutions into the distasteful business of imposing a politicized racial-classification system on the American public, "diversity" of the Harvard variety has undermined the genuine study and appreciation of human diversity. The story of Elizabeth Warren serves as a good example. Read the story from National Review Online. And David French also highlights the 'diversity mania' in higher education at NRO.dfs


Years of Absurd Outcomes Prompt Reconsideration of "Zero Tolerance" School Policies

Today the Los Angeles Times explores the possibility that states and school districts might finally be easing off on its various "zero tolerance" policies that have frequently led to absurd, overwrought responses to normal child misbehavior. Scott Shackford explains at Reason.


A Case for Defunding Public Broadcasting

Assailed from all sides with allegations of bias, charges of political influence and threats to defund their operations, public broadcasters have responded with everything from outright denial to personnel changes.  Yet government-funded media companies are inherently problematic and impossible to reconcile with either the First Amendment or a government of constitutionally limited powers, says Trevor Burrus of Cato Institute.


Capitalism Through Hollywood's Lens

In a free market, businesses are in a relentless competition to improve products and satisfy the needs of the consumer. "A new test for pancreatic cancer? Great! Let's be the first to get it to market." In the cozy world of government-business collusion, the state counts on the status quo existing far out into the future, for that's the only way to preserve and plan out "the system." Jonah Goldberg explains at NRO.


When Government Privileges Trump the Rights of Citizens

Democrats and Republicans in the California Legislature have once again broadcast this troubling fact: They are far more concerned about the ever-expanding demands of a relatively small group of public sector union members than they are about the public welfare of the citizens of our state. Steven Greenhut explains at Reason.


The History Boys

Riffing on the re-election trail, President Obama often tells crowds that "We've got to move forward to the future we imagined in 2008." An imaginary future from the past-got it. Then there's the imaginary history of the past that Mr. Obama has been recounting lately, when his first-term spending and debt boom never happened. The Wall Street Journal has the story.


Budget Histrionics--and Reality

The mainstream (liberal) media headlines are red hot in the aftermath of House Speaker John Boehner's remarks last week about reigning in the federal budget. Doulgas Holtz-Eakin explains the reality of the situation at NRO.


Domestic Drones

Earlier this week, the federal government announced that the Air Force might be dispatching drones to a backyard near you. The feds predict that they will dispatch or authorize about 30,000 of these unmanned aerial vehicles across America in the next 10 years. At Reason, Andrew Napolitano discusses what this means for liberty.


The Terrible Truth About the TSA

A necessary evil or not, writes J.D. Tuccille at Reason, one thing is increasingly apparent: The TSA is spectacularly inefficient and inept at everything it tries to do.

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