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This Week From AAI


Trickle-Down Taxation, Stupid Voters, & 17 Trillion Reasons to Repeal Obamacare


Trickle-Down Taxation

In his 1984 acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention, Walter Mondale announced that if elected president he would raise taxes. He lost the Electoral College 525 to 13. Since then the two Democrats who won the presidency have promised that to pay for larger government they would only raise taxes on "the rich." Grover Norquist explains 'trickle-down taxation' at The Wall Street Journal.


California Spends $205,000 to Move $15 Shrub

Reeling from devastating budget cuts driven by austerity extremists, California in 2010 still managed to spend $205,075 to move a plant. True story. Tim Cavanaugh has more at Reason.


Fast Times at the GSA

Mitt Romney says he likes to fire people. If elected, can the General Services Administration be his first target? Rich Lowry examines the latest national example of government waste at National Review.


Understanding 'Stand Your Ground'

The shooting of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman has spurred national outrage over Florida's Stand Your Ground law. Unfortunately, the discussion of this law has been marred by misinformation. Robert Leider at The Wall Street Journal weighs in on the real meaning of the law. And Jacob Sullum at Reason analyzes whether or not the backlash against the law is justified.


Left-Wing Pressure Causes ALEC To Retreat

Watching left-wing groups gang up to falsely yell "racism" in a crowded political theater is an ugly thing to see. Too often there is a race for the exits by some people who should know better. That's what just happened with the liberal assault on the American Legislative Exchange Council, says John Fund at NRO.


Obama's "Green Jobs" Have Been Slow To Sprout

In targeting President Obama's campaign for green energy, Republicans have often employed the example provided by now-bankrupt Solyndra as the embodiment of wasteful spending.  But new information regarding the broad impacts of the green energy stimulus suggests that the problems in the sector are much more far-reaching than a single company, says Reuters.


It's 1936 All Over Again

the ghost of a president past is indeed haunting the Obama White House-the ghost of Franklin D. Roosevelt. Daniel Henninger explains at The Wall Street Journal.


Conrad The Scrivener

Senator Kent Conrad of North Dakota is the chairman of the Senate Budget Committee. That means he's the Democratic point man for the absolutely essential work of not coming up with a budget. Rich Lowry at NRO takes a closer look.  Yuval Levin also weighs in on the "The Conrad Fiasco."


Paul Ryan's Grand Compromise

Getting rid of tax preferences is sound policy. Tax deductions are regressive, because you have to have money to hide money. A Tax Policy Center study found that the top 0.1 percent of earners - those who make about $9.5 million and above annually - would lose 23 percent of their income if all tax deductions, credits, and exclusions were suddenly removed. Nash Keune explains at NRO.


Mixing Ignorance & Democracy

This is an election year, which means all of us will spend the next few months carefully following the campaigns, finding out all we can about the candidates' proposals and pondering what issues are most vital for the nation's future. Just kidding. Most of us wouldn't do that if you Tased us to within an inch of our lives. Steve Chapman talks about stupid voters at Reason.

Seventeen Trillion Reasons to Repeal Obamacare

Several brand-new reasons lately have emerged for repealing Obamacare. Like proper, government-designed straitjackets, they come in three sizes: hefty, huge, and humongous. Deroy Murdock expounds at NRO.


How Conservatives Can Erase the Gender Gap

Republicans are waging a "war on women," some Democrats say.  But conservatives are not at war with women.  Further, they can erase the gender gap with a set of policy proposals that empower individuals, expand choice and remove ridiculous government regulations, says John C. Goodman, president and CEO of the National Center for Policy Analysis.


Will Fight Over Obamacare Live Even If the Law Dies?

An article in Politico suggests that if the Supreme Court overturns the law, "winding it down could be almost as contentious as building it up."  Peter Suderman has more at Reason.

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